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8. The copyright of content created for the Nextopia Group goes to Yanncik Plottka and Sven Rufener, the two so called Main Leaders of the Nextopia Group.
The exception to this are Posts created by Authors for the network that got afficially released. The copyright of such posts goes to their creators, even if they got corrected by the Team of the Nextopia Group.

Account removal

9. Should any of the terms be broken the account violating these will be removed such as any accounts that ere created with the same e-mail adress that the violating account uses.

10. If you want to delete your account, please contact us via e-mail: Support@nextopia-group.com

11. the Nextopia Group may stops providing the services you paid for if you fail to comply with these terms.
11.1 On requested removal you have to opportunity to move the paid services to another account. Services that we provide on Gameservers are not possible to move to another account

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